High Profile Backlinks


today.com feature /$1,258.20
Mention on forbes.com /$4,482.00
Feature on buzzfeed.com /$1,782.00
Feature on yahoo finance /$1,782.00
Feature on medium.com
Chicagotribune.com mention/$1,422.00
Business.com mention/$1,602.00
Wiki page feature/$1,620.00
Yahoo finance press release$1,782.00
Mention on buzzfeed.com/$1,782.00
IBM community mention/$1,782.00
Usatoday.com press release/$1,980.00
Reuter’s.com feature/$3,402.00
Investing.com mention/$3,582.00
Entrepreneur.com mention/$3,960.00
Mention on forbes/$4,482.00
Yale/Columbia/New York university full feature/$7,020.00
Chicagotribune feature/$8,820.00
Entrepreneur.com feature/$11,682
Full feature in TechCrunch.com/$17,820
Ted.com mention/$882
Hr.com mention/$1,242
Full feature on Forbes/$17,820
Review generation
Press release plus google news and over 300 other top publications including CBS, CW, Fox and NBC/$268

  • Trackable Keywords:We will track up to 20 keywords on the dashboard.
  • Local Visibility Tracking:We will integrate and track visibility of your business in the local ecosystem which includes tracking of top 30 local search engines and directories, reviews and business mentions.
  • Data Analytics Integration:We will track data on the dashboard via different analytics channels which include – Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business and Google AdWords.
  • Social Integration:We will track social networks and provide meaningful data via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


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