Platinum Custom Link Building


With contextual links obtained from especially chosen mini-authority properties, make great advances in building foundational links that lead to your website; sharply boosting your organic search rankings.

Our Process :

1. Listings current status examination: The beginning of our work consists in a comprehensive assessment of your client’s local presence at the current moment, as we build a summary of verified, inconsistent, missing or duplicate business listings.
2. Duplicate listings elimination: Consequently, we take in our hands the elimination of all redundant listings, by laying claim and erasing those who is not useful to keep displaying in search results.
3. Standardization of listings information: Finally, we eliminate all existent inconsistencies in business listings, by also laying claim to them and rectifying any contradictory data.

  • MONTH 1
    • Client-tailored Dashboard and Agency Notifications.
    • 60 Target Keywords.
    • Writing, Posting and Social Sharing of 12 Pieces of Informational Content.
    • Writing, Posting and Social Sharing of 12 Guest Posts.
    • Creation and Diffusion of a Video Every Two Months.
    • Creation and Diffusion of a New Business Presentation Every Two Months.
    • 40 Social Citations
    • 40 Business Citations.
    • Status and Progress Updates Delivered Weekly and Monthly.


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