Platinum Twitter Ads


Perfect for companies searching to begin their brand’s journey by relying on the most tweeting and original ads for both web and mobile formats. The campaign will be in our hands, with our provision of ten banners for every single month, complete access to a customer-made social media dashboard and no setup charges. Cancel anytime!

If you’re going to be successful on social media, you’ve got to engage with the adequate public; the customers who are truly relevant to your industry. We give businesses a chance to generate leads and work alongside your own clients, all from a single place. Our social media marketing makes the management of your social media truly simple.


A personalized white-label dashboard: Always stay informed of your campaign’s progress, by making use of your own, custom-made and branded dashboard, also available to be accessed by your client. This will also come with white-label notifications sent through your company’s email address to your clients, to keep them alert on the achieved results.

Publish every post from just a single place: The social media dashboard that we offer allows you to do everything from one source, by publishing and scheduling posts to appear in all of the social media accounts of your clients. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, our smart algorithms identify the best time and day to publish posts by relying on your former engagement, so you can convert a few clicks into a dozen without any fuss.

Engage with your public: Simplify the way in which you connect with your client’s followers, by responding to their doubts, sharing content ready to post and building strong and relevant public relationships.

Generate new leads through Twitter: Constantly find new leads by using Twitter, and engage them with just the simple click of a button!

Reasonable charges, without commitments: We focus on offering thorough, quality and US-based social media advertising, without charging excessive prices or long-term contracts. And, differently from other providers, we refuse to charge just you for setting up your account. Pay for value, and cancel anytime you want.

Clear and measurable results: Our dashboard’s powerful engine immediately displays to your customers the things in which their dollars are being spent. All social tasks carried out are reflected in real time in the dashboard, to keep track of the progress made and efficiently outline obtained value.

Monitoring of the campaign: We closely keep an eye on every social campaign that we manage, to quickly identify areas of potential optimization. This results in weekly and monthly reports on the campaign’s performance and status, to guarantee that the goals of your client are being met.

The Social Media Twitter Ads Basic Plan includes:

• Complete sharing with the client of a social media dashboard.
• Setup of campaign, and its full management on Twitter.
• Up to eight banners per month.
• Weekly status reports.
• Monthly social media campaign progress’ assessments.
• Full availability of customer support through call, chat and email support.


1. Assessment of social media: Our work begins as we examine your client’s social media profiles and produce some basic recommendations to boost their visibility, right from the start.
2. Setting up of social media: Then we proceed with the creation of important, yet still missing accounts, the setting up of the customized dashboard, attuning a voice tone to use in future publications, selecting which products or services will these speak about and, overall, building a brand persona in accordance with the answers provided to the opening questionnaire.
3. Establishing a social media content plan: Our third major task includes redacting and approving ad copies, and overall tracing a content roadmap.
4. Monitoring of accounts: As we carry on, your account’s status will be constantly surveilled, on a daily basis, to quickly identify potential improvements and maximize positive results.
5. Provision of performance insights: Status and performance notifications about your client’s social media are sent out every week and every month, to keep you up to date on the tasks completed and the results already obtained.



• Dashboard Account Setup.
• Making of 10 Ad Banners.
• Ad Campaign Setup.
• Constant Campaign Monitoring.
• Detailed, Weekly and Monthly Status Assessments.



• Creation of 10 New Ad Banners.
• Split-run (A/B) Testing.
• Ads’ Image and Text Enhacement.
• Constant Campaign Monitoring.
• Detailed, Weekly and Monthly Status Assessments.



• Ad Text and Images Creation (comprehensive level).
• Split-run (A/B) Testing.
• Ads’ Image and Text Enhacement.
• Constant Campaign Monitoring.
• Creation of a Look-alike Audience.
• Detailed, Weekly and Monthly Status Assessments.
• Running of Remarketing Campaigns.


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