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Do you need PPC Management? From Google AdWords to Facebook ads, we help you reach potential buyers with paid targeted advertising on the platform that fits your business the best.

Google Ads is one of the fastest ways to generate new customers with a quick ROI. The question is, what makes for a good PPC(Pay-Per-Click) manager? You can’t make the most of your Google ads and campaigns without effective PPC management.

We know that you didn’t launch your business to spend countless hours on end managing & optimizing your PPC campaigns. We understand PPC, and want to help you focus on what really matters – growing your business and taking care of your new customers.

Our PPC management team is trained by Google Ads Certified experts.


Who could use PPC management? Anyone new to online advertising. Companies lacking an in-house advertising team. Small firms without sufficient manpower to effectively oversee PPC.

Target Channels

Talk to one of our online marketing specialists today to come up with a plan to laser target potential customers and start generating leads to your business today. We will select which paid media channels are best for your companies specific needs. These channels can include Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Amazon and other display networks.

Keyword Research

Performing in depth keyword research. Uncovering and identifying the highly converting keywords that your target audience are searching for.

Competition Analysis

We will look at what the competition is doing, which keywords they’re targeting and the ad creative they’re using.

Campaign Design & Pre-Optimization

We will design your campaigns and optimize landing pages to insure high CTR(Click Through Rate) and low bounce rates. We will monitor your campaign structure and further optimize based on top performing keywords. After enough time and clicks, we can tell which keywords prove to convert and which ones we should ignore. If 10% of your keywords bring in the majority of business, we may want to focus your budget on those keywords to boost ROI. Depending on the budget.

PPC Monitoring

We will measure each campaign and keyword for effectiveness, ensuring PPC efforts are yielding a positive ROI.

Split Testing

We are constantly testing new ads and landing pages. Regular experiments across the entire PPC funnel. As we find more winning combinations, the testing never stops. We keep rotating ad copy until the new ad beats the old one, which means your ads are always progressing. Advanced Optimization Strategy.

Why us?

Proper campaign optimization is a crucial key to success. That’s why we at Third-Party Solutions LLC use our multi-step, strategic laser target process on every single campaign to deliver maximum ROI.

Dedicated PPC Manager 

With Third-Party Solutions LLC, you get a dedicated campaign manager that will be at your disposal anytime of the day. Our campaign managers are paid traffic experts and work directly on your campaigns. You can have full confidence that your campaign manager knows exactly what’s going on at all times.

Monthly Transparent Reporting

We’ll deliver a monthly report of everything that’s going on inside your account, as well as monthly strategy calls to review performance and collaborate on strategies to further increase your results. Google Adwords Management – 30% of adspend plus $2755 one time set up fee.  Video Description – Drive high quality traffic to your custom built landing page and produce leads on autopilot with a pay per click campaign. Fully managed paid lead generation system for any size business.

$1,000 Minimum Ad Spend + $2755 Setup fee

With Third-Party Solutions PPC campaign management you get a dedicated Google Adwords Manager that you will be able to  contact anytime. Every campaign manager is a paid traffic expert and works directly on your campaigns. We will get you set up to advertise on Google and start generating high quality leads with a successful Google Adwords campaign. Pay per click traffic is one of the most powerful ways to start driving new leads to your business now. Running paid traffic successfully takes some experience and innovation. Paid traffic requires knowing your numbers, the strategy, the ability to be creative, and a high level of knowledge of the Google Adwords platform. We’ll deliver monthly reports of everything that’s happening inside your account, as well as monthly strategy calls to review performance and discuss potential improvements.  We take care of everything you need to run a very successful PPC campaign. From account setup  to conversion tracking to call tracking and so much more. Our goal is to make the complicated process of Google Ads easy for any business big or small.


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