SEO Link Building Gold


Receive contextual links from important mini-authority properties: great for laying out foundational links that lead to your website, and to prop up your organic search rankings.

Our Process :

1. Current listings evaluation: Our work starts with a profound audit of your client’s local impact, as at the same time we compile a summary of verified, inconsistent, duplicate or missing business listings.
2. Removal of duplicate listings: The next step is to thoroughly delete all existent duplicate listings, by claiming and getting rid of the ones that we deem not necessary to show in search results anymore.
3. Inconsistent listings correction: To conclude, we take care to correct every single irregularity in business listings by reclaiming the listings and making amendments to the data determined to be inaccurate.


• Agency Reporting and Custom-made Dashboard.
• Selection of Thirty-five Target Keywords.
• Writing, Posting and Social Sharing of Seven Pieces of Informational Content.
• Writing, Posting and Social Sharing of 4 Guest Posts.
• Creation and Diffusion of a Bi-monthly Video.
• Creation and Diffusion of a Bi-monthly Presentation.
• Social Bookmarking (25 interactions).
• 20 Business Citations.
• Weekly and Monthly Status Updates.


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