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Rating: Competitive Level. Focusing on six types of keywords, and providing performance reviews twice a month, this is (unsurprisingly) our best-selling competitive Local SEO program. 30 target keywords, 150 traceable keywords, on-page improvements, content writing specially crafted to be locally relevant, writing of editorial content and building of local citations.

We facilitate online competition for businesses by making their websites appear higher in Google’s local search results. And why is this important? Because over 90% of potential clients check products and services in Google before deciding to buy them. We lend a hand to your clients in making their websites rank higher, so they can get ahead of the competition and drive sales upwards.



Personalized white-label dashboard: Always be informed of your campaign’s progress by gaining access to your own, custom-made branded dashboard, also accessible to be reviewed by the client at every moment. This additionally includes white label email notifications: important data reflected in the dashboard is regularly sent to your clients, through the email address of your company.

Budget-price SEO, without obligations: Our offer is all about thorough, high-quality and US-based SEO services at competitive rates. We know that our quality work and our fair pricing are enough to keep you satisfied: we won’t make you sign any long-term contracts!

Experience of years and up-to-the-minute technology: Our work has helped over 45,000 businesses, who have consistently seen their organic search rankings go up. This amount of experience, when paired with our industry-leading technology, allows us to handle massive amounts of data (over five million keywords) and keeps us, always, way ahead of other SEO suppliers.

Full transparency and quantifiable results: The clear-cut information displayed in our dashboard keeps your customers informed of precisely where their SEO budget is going, and what they are achieving. Every single SEO task carried out by us is reflected in the dashboard, in real time. That puts in the hands of the costumer the power to track progress, and clearly summarizes their gained value.

Continued monitoring of campaigns: We are constantly reviewing the results of our campaigns to target possible points of improvement, and will send automated, weekly and monthly status updates on how the campaigns are going, to ensure that every client’s goals are always being achieved.


– All features in Gold
– Dedicated digital marketing expert
– Focus on 6 keyword topics
– Performance reviews (twice a month)
– Spotlight 30 target keywords and track 150 keywords
– 3 Competitor analysis
– Up to 200 Domains of link detox


In Depth Description

• Specific keyword subjects: Our SEO work will concentrate specifically on six keyword topics.
• Traceable keywords: Our work will also concentrate in 30 target keywords specifically chosen for you, and trace 150 keywords that are especially relevant for your page.
• Page optimization: We will carry out improvements or produce recommendations for your website pages, monthly.
• Locally-centered link building: We will also include setting up backlinks (from local search engines and directories), startup business registers and NAP-enabled citations monthly, to boost local web presence.
• Content enhancement: We will focus on posting informative and industry-relevant content, and in generating or revising website content to raise search ranking positions.

1.Site audit and information intake: We will fully evaluate the website of your client, assess their online presence as a company, and gather data on their target public and potential objectives.
2. Keyword investigation: We explore which are the top 30 keywords for them, grounding our research on the vertical and physical location of the industry to produce the most accurate results possible. We later confirm these keywords by mutual agreement.
3. Content and on-page quality improvement: Drawing from our previous research, we undertake high-quality enhancing of your website to make it truly engaging. This all-encompassing page enhancement includes integration of Google Tools, plagiarism check, page’s load time and mobile-friendliness checks and application of page title, meta-descriptions, header tags, internal linking, local schema structuring, image alt and enhancement of hyperlinks.
4. Locally-based optimization: After the content enhancement is completed, we set to reinforce the site’s local presence by presenting the business to the best local search engines and registers including GMB, Bing Local, Facebook, Apple Maps and more.
5. Monthly link building: With month-after-month link building, done through informative content posting, local citations and NAP-enabled submissions to directories, we assess the website’s rank for selected target keywords using reliable backlink records.



• Agency Reviewing and Personalized Dashboard.
• Full Website Status Assessment.
• Page Specific Appraisal, in up to 75 Pages.
• Analysis of 3 Principal Competitors.
• URL Mapping and Keyword Grouping.
• Checking for Duplicate Content, in up to 75 Pages.
• Checking for Google Penalties.
• Setup of Web Form for Conversion Tracking.
• Review Widget Installation and Monitoring Reviews.
• Call Tracking in up to 200 Minutes.
• Tracking Web Form Conversion Rates.
• Google Analytics.
• Home Page’s Scroll Map.
• Home Page’s Heat Map.
• Home Page’s Confetti.
• Home Page’s Overlay Report.
• Images, Hyperlinks, Tag Headings and Internal Links Optimization, in up to 35 pages.
• Optimization of Robots.txt.
• Addition of Rich Snippets.
• Canonicalization.
• Improvement of Voice Search.
• Setup of Product Schema (Type, Review Ratings, Offers).
• Schemas of Image and Logotype.
• GMB (Google My Business) Setup.
• Google My Business Listing Enhancement (Addition of Videos, Images, Working Hours).
• Customized GMB description, of up to 750 characters.
• GMB Website Embedding.

• Link Detoxing, in up to 200 domains.
• Speed Assessment for Home Page + 3 Landing Pages (Desktop and Mobile Versions).
• Images, Hyperlinks, Tag Headings and Internal Links Optimization, in up to 20 Pages.
• Content Writing for 4 Sites (250 Words Per Page).
• Blog Content Writing for 6 Blogs, Social Boost Included.
• Website Content Writing for 12 Sites (250 Words Per Page).
• Two Premium Press Release Syndications.
• Creation, Distribution and Social Boosting of 3 Infographics.
• One Magazine or News Placement.
• One Questions and Answers Post.
• FAQ Page Content Writing.
• Authoritative (Premium) Blog Links.
• Installation, Setup and Account Creation in Google Analytics.
• Filtering (with Spam Referral Filters and IP Filters) in Google Analytics.
• Google Search Console Installation, Setup and Account Creation.
• Correction of GSC 404 Error, in up to 75 Pages.
• GSC 301 Page Redirecting, in up to 75 Pages.
• Fixing of Broken Links.
• Creation, Uploading and Linking of User HTML Sitemap.
• Creation and Submission to Google and Bing of XML Sitemap.
• Local Listing Optimization in Apple Maps, Bing and Facebook.
• Yelp Advanced Enhancement (Requires Phone Verification).
• Business Listing at Six Authoritative Directories.
• 12 Business Citations.
• Assessment of Local Citations.
• Fixing of NAP (Name, Address and Phone) Inconsistencies.
• Existing Listings Optimization.
• Duplicate Listings Troubleshooting.
• Website Social Boosting, in 6 URLs across 5 Websites.
• Two Promotional Videos.
• Two Business Presentations.
• Creation and Distribution of one Voiceover Video.
• Six Social Network Citations.
• Setup and Optimization of YouTube Channel.
• Distribution of Coupons (if provided).


• • Image, Hyperlink, Tag Heading and Internal Links Optimization, in up to 10 Pages.
• Four Google My Business Posts.
• Six Google My Business Q&A’s.
• In up to 30 images, Image GEO Tagging.
• Photo Submissions of Six GEO Tagged Images to 5 Sites.

Ongoing, every-month services:

• Content Writing for Four Websites.
• Publishing Three Blog Posts.
• 12 Editorials in Guest Blogs.
• Six Citations in Social Networks.
• Business Listing at Six Authoritative Directories.
• 12 Business Citations.
• Social Website Boosting, in 6 URLs along 5 Websites.
• Complete, All-Day-Long Access via Web to All Reports.
• Regular, Weekly SEO Reports on the Status of the Campaign.
• Regular, Monthly SEO Performance Reports.
• Email, Chat and Phone Customer Support.


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