Social Media Creations


Social Media Profile Creation
We will create stunning and professional social media profiles for your business. The profile will also include a concise professional summary of your business.

Social Media Profile Package Includes Bio:

Get Complete Access to your Branded Social Media Dashboard
Fan Pages and Profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
Professional Support Team available via Call, Chat, and Email

The Method We Follow:

Assessment of Social Media: We provide basic recommendations for enhancing visibility to your clients after auditing their social media profiles.
Setting up Social Media: We create social media accounts and set up the dashboard, and the tone we use and products/services we describe will be discussed in the initial questionnaire.
Social Media Content Strategy: We work on your content plan and write Ad Copies and get them approved by you.
Account Monitoring: We will monitor your account daily to achieve maximized results.
Performance Reports: We will send you weekly and monthly social media performance reports to show how we have performed and the results that followed.


Key Features

White-label Dashboard that is Customizable: Now you can track your campaign’s progress with an option to allow your clients to view and access their campaign. Not only that, it includes a feature that sends dashboard notifications to your clients via your company email address.
Post Anywhere from a single place: With our powerful social media dashboard, you can publish and schedule social posts for your clients’ social profiles. You can do it for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Our algorithm chooses the best time to post based on your previous social interactions so you can get better engagements.
Engagement with followers: Connecting with your clients’ followers is now easy with our dashboard. You can also interact with their customers, share superb content, and build positive relationships.
Lead Generation via Twitter: Now you are able to find new leads on Twitter and interact with them with a couple of clicks.
Budget-friendly charges: Our offerings include premium, US-based social media advertising at affordable rates. We charge no setup cost and allow you to cancel anytime you want.
Measurability and Transparency: Our smart dashboard shows your clients what’s driving revenue to their business. That is why all your social tasks are reported in real-time to show you the value you are getting and the progress you make.
Monitoring of your Campaign: We assess all your social media campaigns to see where you can improve. Moreover, we update you on the campaign’s performance on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure you achieve your clients’ goals.


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