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This is truly an amazing opportunity. One of our long-time members has developed an algorithm for getting us guest posts on high profile sites.
This will get you fun features on US Today for keywords we’re actively targeting at the top of Google News, Yahoo Finance and Reuters, plus inclusions from Associated Press and Morningstar. Discover How to Get Any Site on Podcast Sites, High Traffic Blogs, YouTube, Slideshow & More… With Just 6 Minutes Work…
Not only will it generate real traffic (and likely sales); but it’ll scream to Google that we should be ranking #1 for all those terms we’re on the first page for but not where it matters (the top 3). I can’t express how much getting featured in dozens of sites like Yahoo Finance will do for the site.

This software can amplify any business by getting your site more traffic and exposure. By filling out a short simple form online. The Fire software and marketing team will do the following.

  • Create and publish content to high authority blogs. 
  • Publish articles on mainstream news sites 
  • Automatically create and publish videos for youtube and Vimeo 
  • Create and publish a power point presentation to SlideShare
  • Create and publish and audio clip to podcast directories 
  • Last but not least, we will publish to Google News 
  • All while getting you multiple listings on Google for various keywords 
  • This software will amplify any product or service you are trying to promote. 
  • Doing all of this manually could take days. But for us this is done easily using a mixture of Ai, software automation and manual writing & optimization by our team of professional in house writers. 
  • All these different types of sites and media formats all with the click of a button. 
  • As a bonus the combined authority of all of these placements land in google within just 36 hours. So they will start wending steady streams of traffic to your site or business long term


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